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Local startup company, Cash Finder Philippines is now accepting loan requests from all over the Philippines via its online platform. The new leads generation platform promotes ‘exclusivity’ by partnering with select financial institutions and giving them a specific product segment to own.

Cash Finder currently services Personal, Home Improvement, Housing, SME, Business, and Salary Loans. The platform helps customers in getting the right match by simply redirecting loan requests to an exclusive creditor. The web-based platform only allows one financial institution to service a specific loan product.

Right now, Cash Finder and its financial partners cater for loan requests starting from Php20,000 and up depending on the capacity of the client to pay and other corresponding terms.

“I’ve seen the rise of platforms and the increase in the demand for loan acquisition. But what I’ve noticed is the lack of commitment and urgency to deliver the request of a customer,” says the Founder of Cash Finder Ruchell Salas. “We realized, customers are bombarded with pool of financers that promises them instant loan approval without considering if the request is within their limit. At the end, customers are left with no one attending to their request,” Salas added.

Creating an ecosystem where one can exclusively get offers with trusted creditors is what Cash Finder is about. Whether it’s about home renovations, business expansion or simply upgrading to a new car model, Cash Finder can help you achieve your dreams. The creditors we partnered with offers the most competitive rates in the market giving you a conservative number of options that doesn’t just give emphasis on volume, but focuses on helping you get the loan that fits you well.

Clients can apply from Php20,000 up to millions for Business Loans with a monthly interest ranging from 1.2%-2.5%. The basic requirement needed for Personal Loan includes: two valid IDs, proof of income like pay slip and bank statement and proof of billing preferably utility bills. The platform will only accept and accommodate requests of regular employees with at least one-year employment and businesses that have been operating for more than 2-3 years. Cash Finder’s partners may also ask for additional documents like collateral information for Secured Loans particularly those with a loan request of more than Php500,000.

“This is our first year in the business and will definitely come up with more ways to reach the mass public by partnering with more trusted financers to help further with more loan requests. There’s a lot in store for Cash Finder and we’ll remain true to our words na ‘Basta usapang pera, Kaming Bahala!’,” Ms Salas concluded.


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